A small earthquake rolled though D’ni today, enough to shift stones and rubble in K’veer, so I wiggled my way through an opening. Skinned knees and nose, I wandered the empty halls of K’veer.

I’ve been told that this place played a great role during the years leading to the Fall, and became a focal point during.  I’ve steadfastly resisted reading the fiction accounts of the Fall, so that what I hear is not coloured by what I expect.

K’veer is so, so sad. The place drips in sorrow. Not the encompasing, collective sorrow of the City, but an abiding, personal sorrow. The sound of the sorrow, the feel of it, changes from room to room, but it is there.

I found a room, debris on the floor, signs of a fire. The pain that was there brought me to my knees. Loss, such deep loss, like a heart torn asunder in an instant, yet tinged with love, and pride, joy, amazement.

What happened here?