The Guildsman’s Bride

There once was a Guildsman, of the Guild of Writers, who was well known, and very well off. He desired a wife for his son, that would be worthy of their station and wealth. But the his son, who served the Guild of Illusionists, had learned to value intelligence and cleverness, over wealth and power.

So he asked his father, “Please, let me find a wife in my own way.” and after some arguing, his father assented. He went to his Guildmaster, Faresh, and asked him to allow use of a portion of the great Hall of Illusions of Katha Island. Faresh, pleased with the plan this guildsman of his had devised, agreed, and even lent his skills to the work.

Soon, the preparations were made, and the son’s father sent out the announcment:
“She who, through the grace of Yahvo, can find her way through the 25 rooms of this hall, will be the bride of my son”

The lure of the father’s wealth was great, and the son was not an unattractive man…so many great families of the D’ni sent their daughters, but not one could make her way.

The father was dismayed, the son discouraged.

The event had gathered quite a crowd, and from the gathering, came an old woman, and her daughter. The daughter said to her mother “I can find my way”. The mother protested, surely her daughter was of too low a station for this guildsman. The father protested, surely this girl was of to mean an estate for his son. But the son said that any woman of the D’ni could make the attempt.

So, the girl set her bag down by the doorway to the Hall, and took some things from it, food and water, and she entered the Hall. Slowly she made her way, and in the 5th room, she found a book of verses, of Yahvo blessing the Marriage Union. And in the 10th room, she found the two marriage bracelets. In the 20th, she found the two marriage rings, and in the 25th, marriage robes of great beauty and quality waited.

She exited the hall, these things carried in her arms, to prove she had been through the entire way. Everyone was amazed, and the father asked “How is it you have made it through, when so many women of the D’ni did not?”

The girl smiled, and walked to her bag by the door. From it she drew a spindle of thread, and showed the thread gathered in her hand. “I drew the thread with me as I walked, so that I would know where I had been, and then I gathered it up again behind me, to show me the way out”

The son laughed, and gathered her up in his arms, pleased to have found such a clever woman to be his bride. The five days of the marriage celebrations soon followed, and they lived out their days together in joy.

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