The Bahro’s Gift

If gift it was, I will hold to myself for now. After much thought, I do not think it wise to share too much of my experience. At the very core, I do not know how much was them, and how much was me. To spread that story around, without surety of truth, could sway people in unfortunate ways, when our paths cross with the Bahro again.

Yet, when they do come again, I will continue to seek Phil, to drow out my understanding.

For now, though, the stories are enough, and I am content.  My dear friend Julian convinced me to find one of the many vacant D’ni neighborhoods, and make it my own. It will give a place for me to share stories, without disturbing the others in the cavern.  Julian has been a true friend to me, I am glad to have met him.

Mr. Barnes, I think, is bewildered by me. He has the air of a curious scholar, and a indulgent skeptic. I do wonder if I can be of any help to him in his Lara document work.

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