The Story comes

Soon… I have almost finished transcribing the tale D’ni has been telling me. Such an amazing story, such amazing origins.

It has all the hallmarks of a much older story that changed as the D’ni civilization grew ancient.

I can only hope that I do the story justice in my retelling.

Voices of Doubt

Voices, both well intentioned and not, have spoken of me as a ‘prophet’, have mourned the appearance of a multitude of seers and mystics since the return of Phil.

I make claims to none of those. D’ni is like a book to me, pages and pages of stories to be read.  I do not claim to see the future, nor have any special insights beyond what I can see and hear.  Sometimes, that seeing and hearing takes me past what is visible to others.  The visions of the Shadow of the Fall, the way certain people leave currents of *different* in the air.

And in the way Bahro seem to create pockets of empty, where the stories can not be heard. This is why I could not see what had truly happened to Phil Henderson, why I cannot see past the fog to Wheely’s ordeal and death.

And deeper…

It is as if, having cut my baby teeth on hearing the simple stories, D’ni has decided I’m ready for something much larger. the Great Story rings in my heart, each time I step into the cavern. I must learn, or be consumed.

And there is so little time. The Shadow builds. Hungry, writhing, it hears the War coming, and it is pleased.

Voices within, Silence without

I hear so many stories each time I am in D’ni. And yet I find myself afraid to speak them. Afraid others will see me only as seeking attention, craving a spotlight. How do I explain that it is not I seeking the light, but the D’ni?

I have heard the voice of a Great Story. This story will take time, take many visits and deep listening, to retell. It is a story deep as the cavern itself, and perhaps even from the first footfalls of the D’ni.

As the Lady says “…history became legend, legend became myth…” Who knows what the origins of this tale truly are.