The Fall of D’ni

I was speaking with Mr J.D. Barnes recently, about how the Explorers perceive the Fall. For those who do not have my “gift” of seeing the events of the Fall like film overlayed on the current D’ni, their exposure to knowledge of the Fall is limited to two sources; The likely heavily fictionalized account presented in the Book of Ti’ana, based on the information the DRC made available to Cyan; and Yeesha, who seems to see the Fall as a form of inevitable justice.

I have not taken Yeesha’s Journey, myself. I have no need to, my place is here, listening to Stories. But I have heard Explorers parrot her words “The Pride of D’ni caused the Fall”. Whatever Yeesha’s agenda, whatever mysterious nit she needed to pick, the Explorers have rallied around that concept. The D’ni people were PROUD! That’s why they died by the millions!

This is wholly offensive to me. Those hundreds who’s lives I see snuffed out as the bridge collapses, I see no great and evil pride in them. The small child left behind in the rush for the books of the Library, where is the pride in her? The thousands trapped by the living gas as they tried to find safety, they are normal, everyday people.

“The Pride of D’ni caused the Fall”… to say that is to tell those millions that they deserved to die. That they were worthless because they had, in their everyday, Joe Average lives, failed to learn some great moral lesson. The lost souls of D’ni deserve better than that. Deserve better than the blanket condemnation of a woman who has a chip on her shoulder.

Hear me clearly. PRIDE, some nebulous morality, some collective conciousness and behaviour, did not cause the Fall of D’ni.

If the account in the Book of Ti’ana is at ALL accurate, ONE single man is responsible for the Fall.
Ae’geris, the False Philosopher. Bitter, vengeful, and completely insane. He masterminded the entire thing. He manipulated a single angry man, Veovis, into becoming his tool.

Without the machinations, the terrorist act of Ae’geris… D’ni would not have Fallen! D’ni would have lived! We could be walking amoung a thriving culture even now!

Instead, one man planned to release a deadly gas into the cavern. One man took advantage of another man’s xenophobia, and made him the scapegoat for his rebellion. And a living, breathing people were cut down. And you who have followed… will you continue to blame the D’ni people for that man, or accept that they were murdered?

2 thoughts on “The Fall of D’ni

  1. Lord Chaos says:

    I still wonder about this event. A’gaeris was just plain nuts. Veovis was somewhat unstable, got pushed hard and fell into A’gaeris’ clutches. They two caused the fall.

    The society, however, was brittle. I can’t believe that a society living in a cavern would have allowed their support systems to be built with a single-point failure potential. They’d even faced diseases before, so they should have thought deeply about ventilation and preventing the spread of gases. We who live on the surface take air for granted. The D’ni shouldn’t have, and I find it hard to believe that they did.

    There is much missing from our knowledge. I hope that more comes to light about how daily life in D’ni worked.

    And then there’s the whole failure mindset. People keep saying the D’ni failed. Their society lasted nearly 10K years,which is about 10 times longer than any human society has been recognizable as such. Whatever faults they had, they maintained a living Cavern for a period much longer than the surface has been settled by more than hunter-gatherers.

    Yeesha had to condense her story. Pride was the linchpin of the single-point failure, but we really need to look at the rest of the system.

  2. mattdutton says:

    I am not a sentimental fellow. I prefer to look at the physical reasons for the fall of the D’ni. I concur it was the purposeful release of an unknown origin gas that brought about their end. The question for me is not why the fall came about, but whether the fall was inevitable. If no release of gas was released, was not the D’ni in the midst of a fall of its own making.

    There were signs of impending doom, but the guild leadership continued to deny the evidence: (years of tunnel construction, algae production, the building of structures with wide open expanses, and population stress. To me it isn’t whether the D’ni were took pride in accomplishments, it was whether their pride grew into arrogance of the sort that makes a society silly (a gentleman, I hesitate to use the word stupid) as so many explorers feel compassion for the D’ni that continues to intrigue me.

    When pride is the culprit one knows it/sees it strutting, when arrogance comes around, so do the blinders. For all they purportedly learned about writing ages, and about messing around with nature…

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